Something in the Water: Spiked Seltzer & Hard Water

Mar. 6, 2019

Spiked Seltzers and Still


Water is making big waves in the beverage industry this year, with alcoholic carbonated and still water products quenching consumers’ thirst for healthy, easily portable and lower-ABV options.

Here are three things you need to know about hard H2O.

1) Healthy Hydration

Health and fitness continue to be at the top of buyers’ minds while shopping for libations, and water-based options fit the bill. With one of the shortest ingredients lists you’ll find in a can–typically water, alcohol, and some flavoring–seltzer and still water products also boast zero allergens, gluten and an average of two to four grams of sugar.

While ABV averages around five percent, higher volume offerings are hitting the market, letting consumers enjoy themselves without having to sacrifice their nutritional goals.

Seltzer in particular has shown a remarkable trajectory with Nielson reporting a 177% rise in annual sales in 2018.

2) The Tide Is High

The growth of H2O products is outpacing many other craft offerings.

“The Seltzer category is blowing up and it isn’t just a seasonal category,” reported Corey Rung, Breakthru Minnesota Sales Manager. “This is a lifestyle/health-conscious category that continues to grow even in the cold months.”

Seltzer in particular has shown a remarkable trajectory with Nielson reporting a 177% rise in annual sales in 2018. Hard seltzers now represent about 10% of all flavored malt beverage sales.

3) Can’t Stop the Rain

While other craft experiments like hard iced teas and soda have piqued consumer interests with their novelty, spiked seltzers and hard water are no passing fad.

“As hard seltzer has found success as a lifestyle beverage, many other consumers drink them as a change of pace,” said Ryan Ferebee, Certified Cicerone®, Breakthru Minnesota. “Not necessarily for the low cal, low carb benefit, or even gluten free, but really just a different option.”

The consistent popularity of hard seltzers and still waters is considered a primary factor in the Brewers Association decision to drop the requirement that a majority of a brewery’s total volume must be derived from traditional brewing ingredients in order to be defined as “craft.”

The success of spiked seltzers and hard water shows no sign of drying up. Contact your sales representative to stock the water your customers want.

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