Meet Sippin’ Pretty: A Gorgeous Brew from Odell

Jan. 21, 2019


Sour beers are hitting a sweet spot with consumers, and the latest to win over beer lovers is the all new year-round release from Odell Brewing: Sippin’ Pretty. This sessionable fruited sour delivers a lightly tart, refreshing taste, along with a ruby red color and a gentle 4.5% ABV.

The all-new Sippin’ Pretty, brewed with a unique blend of super fruits and balanced with a touch of pink sea salt, offers consumers a unique sensory experience. It greets drinkers with a bright, brilliant color, courtesy of Himalayan salt, and a delicious fruity mix of Brazilian guava and acai, plus some mountain-grown elderberries for good measure. The end result is a beer that is bright from start to finish, with a refreshing tartness and lower ABV, culminating in a new flavor profile unlike anything else in Odell’s extensive portfolio, but still grounded in the traditions that have made Odell a powerhouse in the craft beer world.

“Sippin’ Pretty takes a lot of inspiration from pilot brews like Guava Gose, which wasn’t just a top seller, it was our number one seller,” explains Brent Cordle, Head Brewer at the RiNo Brewhouse in Denver, CO. “It was clear to us that people are craving a more sessionable, lightly tart ale.”

Sour and tart beers have long been a focus for us at Breakthru, due to their satisfying, sessionable characteristics, which are resonating with consumers throughout our footprint. Our partners at Odell recognize the potential in this category as well, and the creative opportunities sour and tart beers afford brewers.

In a recent statement from the company, Head Brewer Bill Beymer explained, “while we’ve always enjoyed brewing barrel-aged wild sours, we saw an opportunity to brew something more thirst-quenching and sessionable with complex and interesting fruits,” adding, “We believe beer is the most versatile beverage on the planet. From the big barrel-aged stouts, to hoppy IPAs, to crisp, refreshing lagers, beer can adapt to a variety of palates … Sippin’ Pretty is our testament to all the unique things beer can be.”

We are proud to be working with the team at Odell to explore what beer can be, and how it can help businesses like yours to grow. Visit the Odell website for more information about Sippin’ Pretty, or call your Breakthru Sales Consultant to learn more about the entire Odell portfolio and how to make it work for you.

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