Bonterra’s Elysian Collection Delivers Heavenly Wines

Aug. 19, 2019


For 30 years, our friends at Bonterra Organic Vineyards have been pioneering and perfecting organic, sustainable, and incredible winemaking techniques, and Bonterra’s Elysian Collection marks the new pinnacle of this ongoing evolution. We are pleased to announce that the collection is now available to our customers, starting with the 2016 Elysian Collection Merlot. 

"We chose to launch with a merlot as this varietal is among our most dynamic expressions, thanks to our incredible organic vineyards and the talent of our winemaker, Jeff Cichocki," said Stephanie Peachey, vice president, luxury portfolio at Fetzer Vineyards, which crafts Bonterra. "Additionally, merlot remains one of the most food-friendly, delicious and crowd-pleasing wines." 

An Organic Process

The Elysian Collection’s new merlot, like all wines in the Elysian Collection, begins with Bonterra’s signature, certified organic grapes. These grapes are the living legacy of Bonterra’s conscientious farming practices, and they represent the foundation Bonterra’s reputation for quality among consumers. This merlot contains a blend of Bonterra’s organic grapes, gathered from hand-selected lots, including a portion of estate-grown fruit.

The fruit hails from Bonterra's gorgeous, organically farmed vineyards, which also serve as a proving ground for Bonterra’s organic and biodynamic farming techniques. In fact, the stylized sheep on the 2016 Elysian Collection Merlot’s label is a reflection of Bonterra’s practice of allowing animals, including sheep, to create a vital network of biodiversity that enhances soil and grape quality, according to a statement from the company.

A Select Few

In addition to the fruit being selected by hand, the barrels for the Elysian Collection are also chosen by hand, specifically the hand of Cichocki, with a significant portion of coming from Bonterra's esteemed estate vineyards.

"Consumers today are becoming more selective about the wine they consume, and that means better understanding farming practices and knowing the purveyors are good stewards of the land," Peachey said. "Bonterra has been farming organically for 30 years, and the time felt right to launch a new wine label that highlights this heritage of thoughtful farming while also showcasing the outstanding quality of organically farmed wines."

What’s in the Bottle?

The 2016 Elysian Collection Merlot greets consumers with a visually arresting label, a name that evokes the beauty of nature, and an unusual, design-forward bottle, all of which combines to create an intriguing wine which will inspire the imagination of consumers. The wine itself opens with a harmonious chorus of black plum, carob, raspberries and soulful minerality, elements that also interplay on the palate before a memorable finish. With form and substance working in harmony, the Elysian Collection Merlot has the potential to catch fire with consumers, and we are proud to share it with your business.

Call your Breakthru Sales Consultant today to place your order and to stay up-to-date with the collection as Bonterra rolls out new varietals in the coming months.

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