Belvedere and Janelle Monáe Release Gorgeous Limited-Edition Bottle

Jul. 3, 2019

Janelle Monae seated next to Belvedere bottle


The partnership between Belvedere Vodka and Janelle Monáe is great news for our customers, and the future.

Together, the iconic vodka producer and the multi-talented artist/creator have recently released the newest fruits of their ongoing artistic collaboration: a new limited-edition bottle that illustrates the complexity and beauty of both Monáe and Belvedere. The bottle is available now, for a limited time, from Breakthru Beverage Group. 

Designing the Future

Belvedere limited-edition bottle with cocktail

In conjunction with Belvedere’s designers, Monáe has created a unique bottle adorned with a metallic collage design that plays with the iconic, unmistakable elements of the existing Belvedere bottle that is “aimed to peel back layers and reveal the beauty within,” and “illustrates the multifaceted character of both Monáe and Belvedere,” according to a statement from the company.

The bottle also serves as the embodiment of “A Beautiful Future,” the vision shared by Monáe and Belvedere where diversity, self-expression, and inclusion are welcomed and celebrated.

Belvedere, a leader in the super premium vodka category, commands a loyal fanbase, as does Monáe, whose groundbreaking achievements in music and visual arts have positioned her as a tastemaker for modern consumers.

Together, Monáe and Belvedere kicked off their collaboration last year with an exclusive, star-studded brunch to benefit and support Monáe's grassroots movement, Fem the Future. Through her own celebrity power, and the assistance of other like-minded individuals, Monáe is working with Fem the Future to advance awareness and opportunities for women and those who identify as women through music, arts, mentorship and education, a mission which has resonated with consumers.

Beautiful Collaboration

This new bottle is an extension of Monáe’s mission, and the vision she shares with Belvedere. It offers consumers a chance to be a part of that same mission, too, making the design and execution of this LTO extremely important to both Belvedere and Monáe herself. 

“When I sat down with the Belvedere team, it was incredible to realize that they shared my passions of philanthropy, community, the desire to uplift others, my vision for a Beautiful Future, which is one where women feel empowered and are given equal opportunity,” Monáe said in a statement. “I'm thrilled to be partnering with the brand on championing positivity and charting a path for a Beautiful Future.”

“There indeed was an obvious synergy between us,” said Rodney Williams, President of Belvedere Vodka. “This collaboration is a convergence of our shared beliefs: optimism and the power of the we not me to bridge divides and make the world a more positive place. We're looking forward to year two of this empowering campaign alongside Janelle with our beautiful partnered bottle.”


Breakthru Beverage Group is proud to support Belvedere Vodka and Janelle Monáe and to bring this exceptional bottle to consumers interested in “A Beautiful Future.”

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