Thanksgiving Food Pairings with Rieslings and Gewürztraminers

Nov. 1, 2018

White wine is a staple at a Thanksgiving gathering. Hosts typically have a couple bottles of red and white to offer their guests to enjoy throughout the many courses that is the Thanksgiving meal.

Both Rieslings and Gewürztraminers are traditional choices to serve alongside the feast, as they’re both versatile, food-friendly wines.

Below are some pairing ideas and why they work. With Thanksgiving approaching in a few weeks, and consumers already starting to plan their menu, make sure you’re well stocked with Rieslings and Gewürztraminers.

apple, apricot, honey, minerality, high acidity
Pairs well with:
Highly acidic foods
citrus, vinegar, goat cheese, tomatoes

Rich dishes
onion and green bean casserole, gravy with turkey or mashed potatoes

Spicy, smoked or salty dishes
stuffing, gravy

sweet potato casserole, cheesecake, apple pie a la mode
Why it works:
The natural acidity and touch of sweetness in a Riesling is a great counterpoint to rich, salty and highly seasoned dishes. Also, the heat in a dish can make the wine taste less sweet.

Don’t be afraid to pair sweet with sweet: Rieslings pair well with light-colored desserts. As the saying goes, “The darker the dessert, the darker the wine.”

"Gewürz” means spice in German
lychee, grapefruit, jasmine, rose petals, pineapple, medium-low acidity
Pairs well with:
Spicy, salty and boldly seasoned dishes
meat, gravy, stuffing

turkey, creamed corn

Roasted veggies that are on the sweeter side
eggplant, carrot, squash, bell pepper

Sweets and spices
apple pie, pear pie
Why it works:
The slight sweet spot in the Gewürztraminer can subdue heat in dishes. Gewürztraminers are also great companions to pies with a bit of spice.


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