Pacifico brings 2018 X Games to Minneapolis


For over 20 years, the X Games have thrilled, inspired and delighted sports fans the world over, and this year the incredible competition comes back to Minneapolis for the second year in a row, and Pacifico Beer will be front and center, thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement with the X Games to feature Pacifico throughout the games. This year’s X Games delivers an exceptional opportunity for Pacifico to target experience seekers, adventurers and other thrill-seekers who tune in for the yearly competition, and an equally exceptional opportunity for Minnesota businesses to capitalize on the great work Pacifico is doing to spread their message to consumers during the X Games: online at, on television as the broadcast’s exclusive beer and through signage and other interactive pieces placed throughout the game.

Consumers will be engaged by the Pacifico brand through a working promotion, paid social media content on Facebook and Instagram, brand new POS elements, television spots and more. According to Pacifico’s own internal research, the typical Pacifico drinker is 1.5 times more interested in the Summer X Games than the average male beer drinker 21 and up, and twice as likely than average male beer drinker, 21 and up, to participate in BMX, skateboarding and motocross sports themselves, making the X Games the perfect opportunity to keep typical Pacifico drinkers interested in the brand.

However, the X Games also present a golden opportunity for businesses to reach out to new consumers who are already ideally suited for the Pacifico message. These “Experience Seekers,” as Pacifico calls them, are generally males, aged 21- to 34-years-old, in both urban and suburban markets. They have a slightly higher income, are college graduates and are driven to experience every opportunity available. These consumers will be positively bombarded by Pacifico messaging throughout the competition, and it will be up to area businesses to leverage that exposure into increased Pacifico sales during the X Games and beyond.

Be on the lookout for more Pacifico on your TVs, too, as the company expands from 33 television markets to Nielsen Designated Market Areas, nationwide, in FY19. The new push will be spearheaded by two new spots, featuring Pacifico cans, broadcast during highly visible programming, targeted to specific audiences.

All of these exciting developments should make it that much easier to provide consumers with Pacifico Beer. Talk with your Breakthru Sales Consultant about how your business can get ready for the coming Pacifico blitz.
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