Coors Light Heats Up with ‘Made to Chill’ Campaign

Aug. 21, 2019

We all know Coors Light is best enjoyed when chilled, and a new campaign from the domestic beer titan is making the connection between a chilled can and a chill lifestyle. The nationwide campaign, “Made to Chill,” is now underway and reaching younger LDA consumers in your market with its message of relaxation and enjoyment of life and Coors Light.


Everybody Cool Out

Ryan Reis, Vice President of the Coors brands at MillerCoors, says the campaign encourages consumers to take a break from “always being on and connected, which can be all-consuming and overwhelming.” The ads themselves are super-connected, appearing both on a wide array of ad-supported streaming services as well as on live television events such as Discovery Channel’s famed “Shark Week” and ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.”

In addition, these ads are part of a revamped social media presence for the brand, which includes a major ad spend on sponsorships like the “Ron Burgundy” podcast, and key partnerships with Hulu and YouTube. In the analog world, Coors Light will support the campaign with retail displays and targeted public relations programs.


Press Pause and Play

Reis explained the ethos of this massive campaign, saying in a statement that the brand is trying to give consumers “a moment to chill. It’s not a moment of escape, it’s more about pause, about taking a moment to step back and turn off.” Chill is separate from parties, or special occasions. Rather, chill is an everyday occasion, and according to Reis, “there’s no better way to turn off than with the cold refreshment of a Coors Light.”


An Eye-Opening Campaign

A major challenge in reaching millennial consumers, according to Reis, is a “beer blindness,” in which these consumers tend to ignore the traditional marketing strategies employed by beer companies in the past. To break through and reach these audiences, the ads put forth in this campaign are made to break the mold, to feel like anything but traditional beer ads. These ads employ an edgy, subversive approach, with a focus on individuals and small groups of friends, where Coors Light is a key part of being able to step away from regular life.

Call your Breakthru Sales Consultant today to place your order for Coors Light and take advantage of this historic brand campaign.

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