Oktoberfest Guide: 2017


Oktoberfest is one of the many German exports to capture the tastes and imaginations of Americans in the last 50 years. As summer wanes and fall begins, businesses can tap into the Oktoberfest spirit, bringing Bavaria to local consumers though special on-premise events, festivals and retail activations. Follow these easy tips to make the most of the Oktoberfest season. It’s as easy as eins, zwei, drei…

Eins: Organize!

Every year, Oktoberfest brings people together to enjoy German food, drink and culture. You can make the celebration smoother by organizing yours properly. For retail, this might mean moving German wines and spirits close together for the season so consumers can take care of all their beverage needs at once.

For on-premise businesses, organizing your own Oktoberfest can be a daunting task. Start early and consider partnering with a local German cultural organization or European grocery store to help with planning costs and cross-promotion.


Zwei: Amplify!

Your business has a great selection of German drinks and Oktoberfest favorites, but there is more you can do to make your Oktoberfest epic. Put on some German music in your store, bring in a live band, hand out Bavarian pretzels, or whatever else your heart desires. Spontaneous “Chicken Dance?” Sure! Making the Oktoberfest experience deeper, richer and more meaningful for your customers will make it easier for you to make the sale.


Drei: Celebrate!

Most of all, remember that Oktoberfest is a celebration. If your customers are having a good time, whether in a store or under a bier hall tent, they will want to keep the fun going, and will be more apt to join in again next year.


Talk with your Breakthru Sales Consultant about how to build your business with these brands during Oktoberfest and all year long.


*IWSR 2016 data





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