Now Serving: Buckets of Bubbles

Jul. 23, 2018

Buckets of Single Serve Wine
Ice-filled buckets of beer have been an on-premise staple as old as the happy hour. Now the increasing popularity of single-serve wine offerings is bringing an elevated level of class to the bucket-based assortments offered at restaurants and bars. 

The Summer of the Single
Single-serve wine is especially popular in the summer season as the smaller bottles, cans or tetra paks do not experience the same loss of quality that a large bottle of wine that’s been opened for a while might. This makes buckets of single-serve wine ideal for on-premise locations that have outdoor seating, as well as concert venues, hotels or casinos with pool areas.

Bars and restaurants enjoy a variety of benefits from varietals in a bucket. 

The opportunity to introduce customers to a variety of new products at attractive prices
Easy to chill and serve – no corks to pull
No underpour or overpour issues
No loss from broken stemware 

Contact your Breakthru Sales Consultant to take advantage of the single-serve wines this summer with these top brands available in your market. 

 Single-serve wines in your market

  1. Zonin Prosecco
  2. LaMarca Prosecco
  3. Coppola Sofia Blanc Sparkling Wine
  4. Chandon Rosé
  5. Mia Sparkling Moscato
  6. Beringer Main and Vine White Zinfandel
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