Top Selling Price Point: $15-$20 Sauvignon Blancs

Jan. 15, 2018


The “grassy grape” known as Sauvignon Blanc has long been a wine that has played well with a variety of consumers. There are a few reasons why the white wine has enjoyed consistently strong sales year after year. The dry, yet refreshingly crisp flavor is very approachable for most palates, and more importantly, wine drinkers can easily locate a high-quality Sauvignon Blanc at an affordable price point.


Last year, Sauvignon Blanc enjoyed an even more lucrative year than usual. A few numbers from Nielsen stood out the most.

The main driver for the bump in Sauvignon Blanc sales is because of the double-digit growth in volume and value for imported table wine from France and New Zealand—both popular Sauvignon Blanc regions.*


It’s likely your shelf is already stocked with many of the fine Sauvignon Blanc products that we currently have available at Breakthru Beverage, but make sure you talk to your sales consultant about brands that have selections at the price point of $15-$20 so you can capitalize on this trend. 


  1. Le Grand Caillou
  2. Mantazas Creek Winery
  3. Honig
  4. Silverado Vineyards
  5. Groth
  6. Tohu
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