2018 Trident Holiday Top 10

Nov. 28, 2018

Everyone has their own ideas of the perfect bottles to gift. For those who need a little help navigating the sheer selection of gift-worthy products available for order, our Trident Division has curated a collection of their top gifting recommendations.

So whether your customers are searching for something locally made or hunting for a limited edition bottling of a year-round favorite, this list has a gifts that are sure to make their shopping experience merry this holiday season.

Descriptions inspired by our supplier partners’ respective product history and tasting notes.


Fords Gin

Fords is a versatile, juniper-forward London Dry gin made for mixing in a vast array of cocktail styles. Distilled in London, Fords Gin is a mix of nine botanicals starting with the traditional backbone base of juniper and coriander seed that’s balanced with citrus, florals and spices including grapefruit and jasmine.


Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Casks Rum

In 2007, St. Lucia Distillers was struck by a major fire and cellar master, Mr. Cyril Mangal, was forced to find space for aging casks in the most unusual places. The cellar team forgot about the casks and only recently discovered them, making it a limited release. Dark gold mahogany color, this special rum is wonderfully intense with sweet honeyed fruit and spices.


Tequila Fortaleza Blanco

This 100 percent stone-crushed agave tequila offers flavors of bright citrus, cooked agave, vanilla, herbaceous basil, olive and lime. The finish is long and deep, complex yet easy to drink.


Clyde May’s Cask Strength 10 Year Whiskey

A mash of corn, rye and malted barley is aged in charred American oak barrels for ten years, making this the eldest of the Alabama cask strength releases. This new cask strength release is bottled at 114 proof and has vibrant aromas of citrus, peach and cedar with bold spice, with just a kiss of apple and oak. The finish has zesty flavors of orchard fruits and subtle peppery notes.


Giffard Pamplemousse Liqueur

Fresh, pink grapefruit peels are steam distilled to extract the intense, bright aromatic essential oils contained within. The liqueur is the perfect way to add a little sunshine to creative cocktails or brighten up some bubbles.


Michter's Barrel-Strength Rye Toasted Barrel Finish

Aged in new American white oak barrels and then finished in toasted (but not charred) barrels made from 24-month air dried wood. Bottled at 108.6 proof this rye whiskey packs a punch with enhanced spice notes layered with delicate chocolate overtones and balanced with vanilla, honey and roasted nuts.


Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

This 115 proof expression celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during Prohibition. For 13 years, the production, transport and sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited. However, Old Forester was granted a permit to continue distilling on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. This is Old Forester whiskey that would've been batched at the beginning of Prohibition.


Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey

Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey is a well-balanced rye, bolstered by sweet notes of maple, brown sugar and light citrus sweetness. Finish with a hint of oak & no burn on the throat. This is a barrel-strength rye for the whiskey collector.


Treaty Oak Distillery Waterloo Antique Gin

Waterloo Antique Gin is distilled with local botanicals and Texas spring water, then aged in first use American white oak barrels for 24 months. A gin meant to be served neat, Waterloo Antique Gin offers an intriguing option to replace whiskey in any cocktail.


WhistlePig Straight Rye 12 Year Old World Cask Finish

WhistlePig paired bonds of 12-year-old rye with premium European oak casks which formerly held Madeira, Sauternes, Port, Cognac and sherry. After a series of single finish releases and extensive industry feedback, this whiskey is the product of a carefully selected marriage of three finishes that highlights their distinctive flavors to create an exceptionally balanced spirit.

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