Shelf Life: Single Serve Wines

Oct. 16, 2018

Shelf Life: Single Serve Wines

Welcome to the latest edition of Shelf Life, our series on rising trends in the off-premise market. This month we’re highlighting a small bottle that’s making a big splash in stores—the 187ml single serve wine bottle. 

In today’s socially connected world, you can’t avoid seeing the Instagram brunch pics featuring an adorable miniature bottle of prosecco with a little straw peeping out the top. 

So, what’s up with those tiny bottles? 

“Today’s wine consumers are savvier than ever and single serve 187ml wines fit the bill on their shopping list in so many ways,” said Breakthru Beverage Minnesota Business Manager Lisa Martin. “From the health-conscious portion control to environmentally minded shoppers (less waste with smaller bottle size) to those just looking for less commitment, single serve bottles are a growing trend in the industry.”

More wine suppliers are adding 187ml bottles to their offerings looking to ride the wave of single serve success. Contact your sales consultant to take advantage of this big trend in a small bottle. 

Single serve wines in your market

  1. 19 Crimes Red Blend
  2. Seven Daughters Pinot Noir (250ml can)
  3. Surf Swim Chardonnay (250ml can)
  4. Uppercut Red Blend Wine (250ml can)
  5. Zonin Prosecco

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