Ready-To-Drink Cocktails are Ready to Grow Your Sales

Mar. 12, 2019

Shelf Life: Ready to Drink


There are two qualities that most of today’s consumers demand from their products, and the duo don’t always typically go together—convenience and quality.

However, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails have stepped up their game in recent years to deliver the best of both worlds, and our experts have predicted that the RTD trend won’t stop anytime soon.

“There was significant growth in RTDs in 2018, and we expect it to continue into the new year,” said Joe Palisi, Marketing Manager, Connecticut Distributors, Inc. “Suppliers both big and small are gearing up with exciting new flavors and packaging options to meet the demand, mostly led by our millennial consumers, who no longer think twice about paying more for a high-quality product.”

More and more consumers are looking for products that eliminate the need for any mixers or extra ingredients.

Driving the RTD growth is the rise in popularity of canned cocktails, which grew in both value and volume last year, according to Nielsen. Consumers are not only taking a bigger interest in the numerous benefits of canned packaging, but also with the simplification of the canned cocktail experience itself.

“More and more consumers are looking for products that eliminate the need for any mixers or extra ingredients,” said Jessica Simpson, Trade Marketing Manager, Breakthru Washington, D.C.

RTD sales will only heat up more as the temperature climbs in the coming months, so best to start thinking now about how these ready-to-drink products can ready you to serve your customers who crave convenience, but still have a taste for the finer things.

Ready to Drink Cocktails

1) Monaco Blue Crush
2) Monaco Tequila Lime Crush
3) Jack Daniels Downhome Punch
4) Jack Daniels Country Cocktails Southern Peach
5) Cutwater Vodka Mule
6) Chi Chi's Margarita
7) Bird Dog Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita
8) Bird Dog Blackberry Lemonade

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