Two Whiskey Luminaries Create a Legendary Liquid

Mar. 4, 2019


When Queen and David Bowie collaborated to produce “Under Pressure,” the music world got a taste of the genius that happens when two legends work together.

For those in the whiskey word, the equivalent may just be Legent — the brainchild of Fred Noe, grandson of Jim Beam and the namesake whiskey’s seventh Master Distiller, and Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory Master Blender and one of the earliest driving forces of Japanese whisky.

Legent, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, began as a passion project between two friends who wanted to learn from each other and experiment with whiskey mastery. The result was a bourbon that uniquely pushes the boundaries of the entire whiskey category.

A traditional Kentucky bourbon with a Japanese flair, Legent’s craftmanship combines two philosophies: Noe’s from grain to barrel and Fukuyo’s from barrel to bottle.

Noe and Fukuyo achieved this balanced flavor profile by first starting with Noe’s family recipe of Kentucky Straight Bourbon aged in charred white oak barrels. Another blend of bourbon was transferred to and aged in sherry and red wine casks, imparting spicy and fruity undertones. Fukuyo, with his Master Blender’s knowledge, meticulously blended the secondary-finished bourbons together for a consistent and balanced flavor.

Legent boasts a layered flavor profile that begins as a warm and oaky bourbon and finishes unexpectedly bright and smooth like a Japanese whisky.

These two unique styles of whiskey create a highly versatile bourbon that helps elevate cocktails but is also complex enough to be enjoyed on its own. Contact your local CDI sales representative to learn how your business can leverage Legent.

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