What You Need to Know to Win Big Game Sales

Dec. 31, 2019

Big Game Products


On February 2, 2020, nearly 100 million LDA consumers are expected to gather around the television —either at home or at an on-premise account — and watch the largest sporting event of the year. In what is usually a slow sales period across the board for wine and spirits, Super Sunday provides a noticeable spike in sales.

According to Nielsen, in the two weeks leading up to the Big Game, consumers spend close to $597 million on wine and $503 million on spirits.

For both on- and off-premise accounts, winning consumers’ dollars during these two weeks can set the tone for a successful year of sales. To ensure a victory with your customers, we put together a winning game plan of facts you need to know heading into Super Sunday.

1st and 10: Hard Seltzers are No Longer an Underdog
Super Bowl sales of hard seltzer have more than tripled since 2016, according to Nielsen.
A big reason for the surge is the fact that consumers are making healthier food and drink choices. Hard seltzers are often lower in both calories and alcohol than even a domestic light beer. Plus, most hard seltzers are gluten free, which gives them a leg up on those consumers with dietary restrictions.

2nd and 6: Wine and Spirits are Catching Up
While beer’s place on the leaderboard remains mostly uncontested, consumers are beginning to reach more and more for wine and spirits during the game.  Similar to hard seltzers, many consumers are drinking spirits instead of beer for healthful-related reasons, such as less calories and fewer carbs.

Canned cocktails have also evened the playing field with beer in terms of convenience.  Consumer favorites like Moscow mules, margaritas and even tiki-inspired Mai Tais are now available in cans. Even flavored vodka sodas now come in a can! Thanks to canned cocktails, your customers no longer must fill in as the bartender at their own game day parties.

3rd and 2: Variety is the Key to Victory
When it comes to Super Sunday, beer still has the home field advantage. However, shifting consumer preferences means a variety of wine and spirits in alternative packaging is key to a winning strategy.  

Connecticut Distributors, Inc has a fantastic selection of alternative packaged products in stock. Below are a few of our favorites but reach out to your CDI Sales Consultant to browse our full inventory.

Big Game Products 


1. High Noon Variety Pack, 2. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Cans, 3. Lil Rascal Pinot Noir Cans, 4. Dark Horse Rosé Cans, 5. Crafters Union Bubbles Brut Rosé Cans, 6. The Long Drink Zero 6pk, 7. The Long Drink Cranberry 6pk, 8. Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon Cans, 9. Monaco Blue Crush 4pk, 10. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Cans 6pk, 11. Stolen X Cans
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