Dry Dock Brewing Co. Joins Breakthru Colorado


Dry Dock Brewing Company IPA


Dry Dock Brewing Co. is a craft beer powerhouse, and now it is part of Breakthru Beverage’s prestigious portfolio. Starting December 4, Breakthru Beverage CO will be the new distributor of choice for Dry Dock Brewing throughout the state. Fans of craft beer brands in Colorado will no doubt already be familiar with the great brews created by Dry Dock Brewing Company since its 2005 launch in Aurora, Colorado, and now your Breakthru sales consultants will make sure your business can capitalize on this beloved brand.

Shane Cahill, Breakthru Beverage’s Senior Director of Beer, recently called the deal "another big win for Breakthru Beverage,” one that he attributes to the Breakthru Beverage team’s commitment to and investment in building and growing a first-rate craft beer program. Breakthru is thrilled to welcome Dry Dock Brewing Company to the team and we look forward to building upon the brand’s already considerable successes. In its first 12 years, Dry Dock has notched some significant wins, including 23 GABF medals, seven World Beer Cup awards and Brewery of the Year, among others.

Critical praise and wins have also translated to sales success for Dry Dock with consumers. From its humble homebrew beginnings with owners Kevin DeLange and Michelle Reding, Dry Dock has grown into a staple of the craft beer scene in Colorado and now operates out of two locations in the state: the original 6,500 square feet “South Dock” location and the 40-barrel “North Dock” brewhouse that opened in 2013 to allow the brand to keep up with demand.

Breakthru Beverage is honored to bring Dry Dock Brewing Company’s beloved beers to a wide audience, and we look forward to helping your business grow with this popular brand. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about adding Dry Dock to your top shelf, taps or beer menu.

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