Still Waters Sell Deep

Jan. 24, 2019


Water is the source of all life on Earth, and sometimes it’s the life of the party. 

Pura Still, the new line of infused alcoholic water beverages from our friends at Fifco USA, combines still waters, all-natural flavors and a bit of alcohol to create a new line of light and delicious beverages. 

Coming into a market overflowing with spiked seltzers (including some incredible options), Pura Still is poised to set the bar for alcoholic water without the bubbles. 

The current lineup is available in three inviting flavors: blackberry, mango, and mandarin orange. Pura Still is expected to be a big win for consumers looking for a lighter, smoother drinking experience, as well as those looking to shave some calories off their diets. These drinks each have only 90 calories, one gram of cane sugar and two grams of carbohydrates, with an ABV of 4.5 percent, putting them on par with most light beers.

But Pura Still is unlike any beers on the market and has very little in common with malt beverages. 

"It tastes like still water with a hint of flavor," said Jennifer McCauley, who oversees the brand for Fifco, in a recent statement. She explained that the drink is made via a "triple filtration process that removes all of the aroma, all of the color," leaving a smooth, refreshing liquid behind.

And while the brand eschews all forms of bubbles and fizz, Fifco is quick to point out that Pura Still is “anything but flat,” highlighting the brand’s unique position and popular flavor options. The brand’s launch campaign focuses on the main message that Pura Still “won’t let bubbles weigh you down,” and includes participation with pro soccer star Carli Lloyd.



Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about this new development from Fifco and how your business can grow with Pura. 

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