The Influence of Influencers

Jul. 6, 2017

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The alcohol industry spans a wide spectrum, not only in terms of categories, but flavor profiles as well. There are the beer drinkers; the wine drinkers; those who prefer a cocktail. There are consumers who choose sweet and fruity over boozy and bitter. Some prefer hot drinks, while others reach for ice-cold refreshers. With so many options to pick from, what really influences consumers’ drinking choices?

The answer? A variety of things! In fact, there’s most likely an unlimited amount of factors that play into a consumer’s buying behavior – from the time of the year, to the time of the day, to the mood someone in in, to the occasion they are attending. Their age, their gender, their tastes. You name it, it’s probably influencing what they’re purchasing. One thing that may not seem quite as obvious, however, is the power that social media has on consumers and their purchasing patterns.

Brand ambassadors, like those employed by Breakthru Beverage Canada and our partners at Diageo, engage consumers on a personal level at events and online to generate buzz for particular products and portfolios. These ambassadors are experts in their particular brand and category as well as in using social media to reach global audiences and local influencers in a given market. Influencers look to the expertise of thought leaders like Canada’s own Lauren Mote, recently named “Global Cocktailian” for Diageo, work to create a link between brands and lifestyles online. These ambassadors are particularly important in Canada, where celebrities are prohibited from publicly endorsing products.

By taking their message to the grassroots audience, brands are able to market effectively and honestly. Through relationships with tastemakers and trendsetters, branded messaging can reach a wide, receptive audience. Millions of consumers interact with branded content daily on social media. As influencers post photos of elegant martinis or themselves enjoying a glass of rosé poolside, consumers are then encouraged to purchase these products.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the power of social media by offering products that consumers are being exposed to by these top influencers.

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