5-Point Patio Season Prep Guide


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After a long winter, consumers are eager to take the party outside to the patio. This time of year is a great opportunity for both On- and Off-Premise businesses to capitalize on the changing seasons. To make the most of this boom time, we have a five-point plan to prepare for patio season.

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1. Go Big With Signage

In bars and restaurants, making a big deal out of your patio can drive a big deal of business through your doors. Proper signage will help bring in foot traffic which will help with your bottom line. Consider a launch party to kick off the season, too.

Off-Premise businesses can get consumers to the patio with new seasonal POS materials and patio-themed in-store activations. Help your customers get into an outdoor mindset with decorations that evoke block parties, grilling out and beach volleyball, and remind them that warm-weather fun is as close as their own backyard.

On-Premise Pro-Tip: Make sure your permits are up-to-date. You don’t want to delay your patio season because of a paperwork mixup.

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2. Gather Your Gear

A year of sun and rain can wreak havoc on last season’s patio gear, so it might be worth updating your chairs, umbrellas and other outdoor gear. Augment your furniture with new coasters, pitchers and Koozies to make your patio the kind of place consumers would want to spend their time, and money, enjoying.

Off-Premise Pro-Tip: Be a one-stop patio shop. Increase your sales with the coolers, Koozies, bottle openers and other patio mainstays they need for a successful party.

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3. Mark Your Calendar

Spring and summer concerts, street festivals and holidays will mean extra foot traffic for On-Premise locations and more people stocking up for big parties at home. Time your orders to handle the increased demand and make sure you’re ready for these big days and nights.

This is also a great time for On-Premise locations to bring in bands and other live entertainment. Make sure your patio is the best option in the market and consumers will notice.

On-Premise Pro-Tip: Watch your capacity on high-volume days. Keep track of how many customers are enjoying your patio and be aware of what your legal capacity is.

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4. Spring Cleaning For Your Menu

Keep your classics and your crowd favorites on the menu, but take this opportunity to expand your menu and add some drinks that reflect the new season. We have 7 spring cocktails you can add to your menu right now.

New innovations and seasonal LTOs are a great way for Off-Premise accounts to get in on the springtime spirit of renewal and change, too. Let your customers know about these exciting new products and help them find their new springtime favorites.

Pro-Tip: Reds are for springtime, too. Rosés are the traditional wines of spring, but there are a cornucopia of great spring wines waiting for consumers to discover.

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5. Going Social

Use your social media channels to promote your latest deals and specials, of course, but also make sure you share your fun side. Photos and videos of you and your customers having a great time on the patio will help others make the choice to come out to your place. Social media is for more than just sharing your hours of operation, menu items and sales. For both On- and Off-Premise accounts, remember that you’re selling yourself, too. Keep it fun and keep your customers coming back all season long.

Pro-Tip: Hashtags are fun and free. Come up with your own #Hashtag and share it with your customers. It will make it easier for them to connect with each other and for you to track what people are saying about your business.

Talk to your Breakthru Beverage Sales Consultant for more information about how to make your spring a hit.

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