Fireball Fridays Heat up Weekend Sales


We’ve all heard the hashtags for #SundayFunday and #MeatlessMonday, or #TBT for “Throwback Thursday.” Now there’s a new addition to our modern vernacular: “Fireball Fridays,” courtesy of our friends at Sazerac. Starting August 1 and continuing through October 31, Sazerac is promoting Fireball Cinnamon Whisky as a key driver of sales for on-premise accounts through new “Fireball Friday” POS items, promotional kits, special offers for consumers and an aggressive digital marketing campaign across multiple channels.

Holiday Season

Unlike New Year’s Eve or the night before Thanksgiving, or other big on-premise sales nights that only come once a year, Friday is a holiday we can celebrate 52 times a year. With the Fireball Fridays push, Sazerac aims to strengthen Friday sales by bringing the holiday spirit to on-premise accounts each and every week. Just like any other holiday, the spirit starts with decorations. To that end, accounts will have access to customizable posters, table tents and other printed materials to engage with consumers on-site.

Promotional kits will also include consumer shirts, reusable blinking red glasses, coasters, keychains and pop-sockets for phones. Staff can also pick up a special “Fireball Friday” countdown clock, branded bartender shirts and bottle openers, tabletop USB chargers (to power all the digital consumer engagement) and more. When consumers step into an account committed to Fireball Fridays, they will know it’s not just Friday, it’s a holiday.

Digital Fire

Sazerac is heavily promoting Fireball Fridays through social media, with paid, targeted content on Facebook and Instagram to help stoke consumer interest and awareness in the push. In addition, Sazerac has partnered with several apps to create special offers and content to help drive the campaign all week long. In addition to paid media, Sazerac is working with key influencers on social media to amplify the Fireball Friday message while working behind the scenes with Google AdWords on search engine management to help drive consumers to the Fireball Friday message.

Snapchat users can scan a custom “snapcode,” printed on all Fireball Friday posters, to interact with the brand and unlock an exclusive Fireball Friday filter. The filter is a fun way to encourage consumers to share the Fireball brand and message organically through their own networks. Sazerac has also built a custom fire-themed playlist on Spotify and sponsored 30 minutes of commercial-free listening for consumers getting ready to head out to the bar. And, of course, Fireball has a partnership with the original hotness app, Tinder. Users are invited to take part in a sweepstakes game to “match with the dragon” for a chance at digital prizes via a spin-the-wheel game within the app. Consumers who are not on Tinder can also take part in the sweepstakes by texting “Fireball Friday” to 811-811 for a chance to win digital gift cards from vendors such as Lyft, Pandora, AMC Theatre and more. The game runs all week long, with special bonus prizes available only on Fridays.

Keep the Fires Burning

Friday is a great day for on-premise sales, but Sazerac recognizes there is still room for growth, and by committing to this program, accounts can take a shot at turning Fridays into a financial powerhouse. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant to place your Fireball order and find out how you can leverage this program into a weekly win for your business.

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