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Patrón Tequila is practically a category unto itself, with a brand identity adored by consumers. This season, Patrón is spreading its message to new areas of the market, engaging with tequila drinkers and others in exciting ways and your business can capitalize on the buzz Patrón is generating. 


Extra Añejo rises above

Fall and winter are traditional seasons for whiskey and bourbon, but Patrón is making a play for the brown spirits market with the new Extra Añejo expression. This is the first new addition to the Patrón lineup in 25 years, and it was worth the wait. Aged for a minimum of three years in barrels of American, French and Hungarian oak, this tequila is complex and nuanced, with a rich flavor perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. 

Patrón is positioning Extra Añejo as an alternative to whiskey for consumers and bartenders looking to revitalize classic cocktail recipes like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. Through an aggressive advertising campaign in both print and digital, Patrón is spreading the word about their new creation. 

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Patrón Extra Añejo


Winning the holidays with Patrón

Patrón Tequila is a favorite during the holiday season, and this year Patrón is bringing a new slate of options for your business to win big. 

Bartenders and home mixologists will be interested in the newest cocktail creations from Patrón’s expert drink designers. The Patrón Cocktail Lab allows users to browse through over 400 drink recipes or answer four flavor questions to find tailor-made recipes ready to go. 

Patrón family shot


The end of the year also brings a big change for the brand in the form of the limited edition one-liter bottle of Patrón Silver. These larger, collectible bottles are adorned with original artwork depicting the time-honored process that goes into making Patrón Tequila. This gorgeous bottle is sure to be a hit with Patrón lovers this season.

Patrón Silver Limited Edition 1L Bottle Pack


XO Coffee Liqueur gives sales a jolt

Coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry in America, and in a recent FONA survey, 26% of coffee drink buyers said they were interested in purchasing a coffee-based alcoholic drink. Patrón is meeting that demand with the coffee-infused tequila liqueur Patrón XO. This blend of Patrón Silver and natural coffee essence delivers a dry taste, unlike most overly-sweet coffee liqueurs, which is perfect for sipping on its own, in a cocktail or as a dessert option. 

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 Patrón XO Cafe


Real consumers visit virtual hacienda

The process of making Patrón Tequila has not changed over the years, but the way Patrón interacts with consumers is constantly evolving. Their latest tool is the new Patrón Experience augmented reality app, now available on iOS devices. The Patrón is the first augmented reality app from a spirits brand, utilizing cutting-edge software technology to bring the hacienda directly to consumers through their smartphones. Users can learn more about the Patrón brand and the tequila category, fostering existing demand among tequila drinkers and reaching new audiences who are interested in the new technology.



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