Breakthru Minnesota Lands Louisville’s Goodwood Beer


Breakthru Beverage has partnered with Goodwood Beer to bring the Louisville-based brewery’s beers into Minnesota for the very first time. Distribution will include both draft and package available throughout the entire state starting in February.

Goodwood’s brewing philosophy pays homage to Kentucky’s distilling legacy. All Goodwood beers begin with locally-sourced limestone water, which is used throughout the brewing process and gives the finished beer a distinct flavor that only Louisville water can accomplish. To finish, Goodwood’s beers are wood-seasoned on oak, ash and other hard woods. For some special releases, Goodwood finishes their beers in reclaimed wine, brandy and Kentucky bourbon casks.

Goodwood stands out in a crowded craft beer market as one of the few breweries focused on crafting a product that delivers the local flavor of Louisville, no matter where the beer is served and enjoyed.

So what exactly do these woods add to Goodwood’s experimental ale and lagers? To find out, we asked our Breakthru Beverage Minnesota beer team to breakdown their five favorites.

Goodwood Louisville Lager

Style: American Lager | Wood: White Ash

While all of Goodwood’s beers encapsulate the flavors and feel of Louisville, none do it as beautifilly-balanced as Louisville Lager. This low-ABV lager contains 100%Kentucky-grown grains, and in true Louisville fashion, it is rested on white ash (baseball bat wood) before being packaged. The resulting beer is light and crisp, perfectly-balanced and has just a hint of sweetness from the grains.


Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale

Style: Brown Ale | Wood: American Oak Chips

Goodwood’s spin on the American brown ale is nuts! Ok, but seriously, this classic brown ale takes all of the flavors customers love about the style – graham cracker, cocoa, raisins, toffee – and adds buttery walnuts into the mix. This beer is a walnut brownie in a bottle, that gets even better with the addition of oak chips, which dries the beer out and keeps it from becoming too sweet.


Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout

Style: Strong Ale | Wood: Bourbon Cask

It only makes sense that a brewery based in the middle of bourbon country would have access to a few former bourbon casks. Here, Goodwood uses one of these barrels to bring out the toasty, whiskey character in its stout. The beer is a pure decadence with loads of vanilla, rich chocolate cream, roasted coffee with a hint of booze-driven warmth in very bottle.


Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Ale

Style: Strong Ale | Wood: Bourbon Cask

This beer may be classified as an American strong ale, but the modest 6%ABV makes it drink a whole lot easier. Flavors of caramel, toasted coconut and bourbon-soaked fruit cake dominate this beer. Unlike the Bourbon Barrel Stout, the beer style here allows the American oak to really mellow out the ale.


Goodwood Brandy Barrel Honey Ale

Style: Honey Ale | Wood: American Brandy Casks
Goodwood’s Brandy Barrel Honey Ale is brewed with locally-harvested honey and spends a much longer time in contact with wood than the brewery’s other ales. The time and patience is worth it, however, as the resulting beer is bright with notes of ripe stone fruit and floral honey. Hops and malt is present in the finish, but just enough to balance it out and invite you back for another sip. 

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