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3 Reasons Red Bull Orange Will Help Boost Your Business


  1. Orange is one of the most essential flavors in the on-premise market. Orange juice can be found in nearly every bar as it is one of the top three bar mixers. Additionally, the average spirit speed rail in a bar contains seven spirits, one of which is always triple sec, an orange-flavored liqueur. According to FONA, orange is one of the top flavor profiles in both the refreshment and alcohol beverage markets.
  2. Classic cocktails require orange as an ingredient. This is the perfect opportunity to be innovative and give classic cocktails a modern twist by using the Red Bull Orange Edition. Substitute the Red Bull Orange Edition for a different take on drinks like the mimosa, the screwdriver, the Old Fashioned and many more.
  3. Bright orange packaging will attract consumers and drive awareness. Orange is often used by advertisers to draw attention; it’s a color that incites excitement and enthusiasm. Consumers will easily notice the tangerine can on a menu, on the bar or on display in Red Bull coolers.


Red Bull Orange Edition Recipes to Make Now

Start taking advantage of the Red Bull Orange Edition now by trying out these flavorful orange drinks. Additional drink recipes using various Editions from the Red Bull Editions Portfolio are also available to print and download below. 


 Red Bull Orange Drink Recipe Cards

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