Breakthru Beverage Colorado Relocates to State-of-the-Art Facility


Denver, Colorado – Breakthru Beverage Colorado has officially opened its new 650,000 square foot facility, which consolidated the company’s three existing Aurora offices into one central location. Facilitating a seamless transition, the Colorado team transported nearly one million cases to the new facility, which has a new high-speed conveyor, sortation and advanced case shuttle systems. The new facility’s location is positioned equidistant to downtown Denver and the Denver International Airport, allowing for easy access and enhanced logistical planning.

“This move ensures that we are accommodating our fast-growing customer needs,” said Joseph Marotta, Breakthru Beverage President, West Region. “In addition, consolidating offices and warehousing space will make us even more efficient and allow us to provide the highest quality services for our customers and suppliers.”

The building is over 450 yards long and totals nearly 15 acres. The 85,000-quare foot corporate office space was built to capture as much natural light as possible. It includes an Alchemy Room, designed by chefs, sommeliers and mixologists, that features a commercial kitchen and demonstration bar with high-definition video screens for training, education and beverage development. The full test kitchen is located on the second floor with garage doors, which allow access to the outdoors and views of the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, the new space contains a 70,000 square foot cold box, ensuring all products are stored in ideal conditions.

“Very few distributors in the country have been able to put the best of everything – sales, marketing, operations, logistics, technology and training – together in this way,” said Jeremy Tostrup, Breakthru Beverage Executive Vice President, Colorado. “We believe it will make our teams nimbler and better suited to service demand. It’s a real point of differentiation for Breakthru and its partners.”

About Breakthru Beverage Colorado

Breakthru Beverage Colorado has served the market for more than 20 years. The organization currently holds the largest share of the Colorado spirits and wine market, showing consistent growth through the combined strength of three dedicated selling divisions. Breakthru Beverage Colorado is also the leading craft and import beer distributor in the state. For more information,

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